Sunnah Institute

Islamic Essentials Certificate
In-Person Program

In-person: Islamic Essentials Certificate
Offered in Karachi Only

Course Description

Exclusively designed for students and working professionals to provide an overview of the fundamental elements of classical Islamic learning and spirituality. 

Graduates of this course will be eligible to join the Aalim Program.

Taught by: Shaykh Moiz Hasan, Mufti Muhammad Hasham  


Course Outline

1-Qur’an Module:



Translation and Commentary of selections of the Qur'an

A detailed and inspiring commentary of the entire Qur’an with an emphasis on highlighting lessons that are relevant to our daily life: Surah Hujurat, Surah Kahf, Juzz 30

The Sources & Methodology of Interpretation

Introduction to the field of Qur’anic Sciences; The Sources & Methodology for Interpretation of the Qur’an; Compilation of the Qur’an; Types & Causes of Revelation

2-Hadith Module



Introduction to the Science of Hadith

Introduction to the Science of Hadith Studies; Classifications of Hadith; Methodology & Terminologies used in Hadith

Explanation of the sayings of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) in Zad al-Talibin (Provisions for the Seekers).

This classic collection of 327 hadith contains many short sayings that express a multitude of meanings, and is ultimately meant to provide today’s Muslims a glimpse at the charisma of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) and a roadmap with which to achieve closeness with Allah.

3-Islamic Law:



Historical Development of Islamic Law

This course will examine the sources of Islamic law, its basic methodologies and the foundation of the legal schools through a historical analysis of the classical era.

Islamic Law I

Islamic Legal Rulings pertaining to Ritual Purification, Salah, Zakah, Fasting and Udhiya (Sacrifice) through Nur al-Idah (a classical text on sacred law).

4. Arabic Grammar and Language



Arabic Morphology

Arabic Morphology through “Fundamentals of Classical Arabic” & “From the Treasures of Arabic Morphology”

Arabic Grammar

Arabic Grammar through “Ilm al-Nahw” & “Awamil al-Nahw”

5-Contemporary Issues



Islamic Banking & Finance

This course will offer students an opportunity to understand the fundamental principles of Islamic Banking & Finance

6-Islamic Spirituality & Personal Development



Islamic Spirituality Essentials

Introduction to the Science of Islamic Spirituality based on the Qur’an and Sunnah

Diseases of the Heart

Symptoms & Cures of Diseases of the Heart: Anger, Jealousy, Hatred, Greed, Malice, Unlawful Love, Arrogance